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Cycling in Sheffield

The local cycling group hosted the CycleNation / CTC national conference and AGM on 15 October 2011, details at

Sheffield is the fourth largest city in England by population. Although hilly, it is compact and has few major trunk roads. The City has a developing strategic cycle network consisting of off-road cycle tracks, some on-road cycle lanes, bus lanes and traffic-calmed and 20mph zones and maximising the use of the city's river valleys. The council is developing a strategy for implementing a default 20mph speed limit in residential areas. The "Heart of the City" project, encompassing the route from the railway station up to the City Centre and including the Winter Gardens and Peace Gardens, has been commended for high quality design and access for all. The Cycle Ring Route, running parallel to the Inner Ring Road and passing the railway station, is well signposted and should get you started in the direction you want to go if you are a new arrival to the city.

The Trans-Pennine Trail, a National Cycle Network route running from Southport in the north-west to Hornsea in the East Riding passes through to the North and East of the city and a new section of NCN6, connecting Sheffield with Manchester via the Hope Valley, one of the most scenic parts of the Peak District, is being developed. There are many other cycle routes going along country paths in the woods surrounding the city. Mountain Biking is popular in areas such as Wharncliffe Woods and road biking is very popular in the Peak District into which the city's boundaries extend.

Monthly Friday night rides, timed to coincide with the full moon, are run by

Other areas …

Latest photos of the area

See also a full list of photos in this area.

Entrance to the wood at Coppice Rise had a 'kissing gate': to exclude bikes?

Old farm track that linked (Field Farm) Holbrook to current Rother Valley south entrance

Old farm track that served Field Farm at Holbrook, track went to what is now the south entrance to Rother Valley from the TPT

Access to Holbrook from Rother Valley

The Halfpenny Bridge, built in 2001 for the Trans Pennine Trail (NCN route 6)

@IsSaddleThereIs @firsthippy We have this stunning display on Westbourne Road in Sheffield. Still enough space for a car to put their wheels up on the kerb which has happened.

Random cycle parking at Meadowhall station car park, and a narrow A-frame barrier obstructing the path that leads between the car park and an office block over to a hotel.

A 'No Cycling' sign at Meadowhall station.

No Cycling through the covered footbridge at Meadowhall station.

A sizeable number of cycle parking stands within Sheffield railway station. Ed: How many Andy? :-)

Cycle parking inside Sheffield railway station.

Fly parking in front of Sheffield railway station.

Waiting for the toucan crossing across Sheaf Street to change. It did take a while. Across the road is the city's railway station.

Some overly tall cycle parking stands, complete with a broken bike, next to the covered walkway between the bus station and the railway station.

Some cycle parking stands outside the entrance to the bus station.

One side of the double bridge on Shude Hill has been closed off to motor vehicles and is available for cycling. The roadway through the other arch is one-way.

The shared cycleway on Park Grange Road looking suspiciously like an ordinary footway, and certainly no wider than an ordinary footway.

Route signs at Spring Lane. The route to the left along Spring Lane appeared to go right through the tramstop platform.

Cycle parking at Middlewood Park & Ride site.

Cycle parking near the cathedral and shops.

A curious route sign advising cyclists on the (tram only at that point) tramway of an unspecified cycle route to the right at Castle Square.

Cycle access from Workhouse Lane onto the shared footway at West Bar.

A 20mph zone and shared footway at West Bar. I maybe should have taken the photo a little way back to show better how the dropped kerb is the wrong side of the 'give way' line at the West Bar roundabout, which could cause problems for a ... [more]

A pedestrian crossing and roundabout at the top of Corporation Street.

End of the long-term roadworks (see #112483), a cycle lane up Corporation Street, and more redevelopment work imminent.

NCN627 on Green Lane, with building work going on.

Quiet streets for this section of NCN627.

A turn from Alma Street at Kelham Island signed only with a Sustrans sticker, although continuing along the street ends up at the toucan crossing at Borough Bridge anyway.

A sticker for a turn on NCN627 at Kelham Island.

A sticker for NCN627 at Rialto, Kelham Island.

A sticker used to indicate the way of the riverside cycle route.

The roadworks totally blocking the cycle lanes, presumably what the sign in #112484 referred to.

Temporary roadworks signage hinting at what's to come - the effective end of the cycle lanes through the roadworks zone. The dropped kerb allows cycle access to and from the riverside path, although there is a build-up of mud evident in ... [more]

An overrun area for U-turning vehicles on new Derek Dooley Way gyratory layout, but judging from the tyre marks on the footway, even this is insufficient.

I'm hoping there's a lovely new cycle route being built under there!

Cycle markings through the junction onto Derek Dooley Way, where almost all traffic, in both lanes, turns right.

'Narrow Lanes Ahead - Give cyclists room'. Having looked at Streetview, I think the direction sign for 'city centre' refers to using the toucan crossings across Derek Dooley Way to get to Johnson Street. But if I was arriving here for th ... [more]

Long-term roadworks indicated by a sign fixed to a lighting column, and not a temporary sign dumped in the cycle lane!

Apparently this is a recommended route for cyclists!

A narrow island forming part of a staggered toucan crossing. This isn't going to work well if more than one person tries to use it at the same time in opposite directions.

Painted cycle lane on Wicker, and off-side bus lane leading to a bus gate at the Derek Dooley Way junction.

A toucan crossing across Wicker, and a point to leave the carriageway to either use the crossing or join the path to the riverside. I'm uncertain what the role of the bollard is.

I doubt the Dutch would design the path this way.

Cycle access to and across Shalesmoor at the end of Bowling Green Street, although the toucan crossing is staggered.

A point to leave the A61 Shalesmoor dual carriageway and turn right using the toucan crossing, or turn left to access Bowling Green Street (at #112466).

Cycle lanes on Shalesmoor, and damage to the footway consistent with pavement parking.

A van parked partly on the footway and totally blocking a cycle lane on Shalesmoor.

Cycle facilities on Shalesmoor.

Was the budget for the Cobweb Bridge so tight there was no money left for a proper sign at the turn, hence the use of Sustrans stickers?

A 'Cyclists Dismount' sign on the same pole as a sign saying cycling is allowed. Are cyclists only meant to dismount to go around the corner then remount?

The Cobweb Bridge, suspended under the former Sheffield Victoria station viaduct.

No proper dropped kerb at the end of the Cobweb Bridge at Sussex Street.

The lack of a proper dropped kerb at the end of the Cobweb Bridge at #112458 encourages cyclists to use the footway in Sussex Street.

The Cobweb Bridge, under the former Sheffield Victoria station viaduct, looking northeast.

The Cobweb Bridge, under the former Sheffield Victoria station viaduct, looking southwest.

Washed out sand on the ramp down and under the Derek Dooley Way bridge.

Cycling alongside the River Don in Sheffield.

A modern foot and cycle bridge across the River Don.

'This way to NCN6' on Furnival Road, which appears to be a shorter way than taking actual NCN6.

'Cyclists Dismount to use Crossing'

The roadworks signage is at least more readable than the tiny permanent sign.

Old cycle facilities and roadworks to create something new.

Cycle parking in Sheffield city centre.

A shared-use footway on Broad Street West, which has been made one-way, so making it possible to continue using it both ways by bike.

Poor quality cycle parking on the edge of Sheffield city centre, at Ponds Forge.

A traffic boom across NCN6, with a little gap at the side. Would rising bollards (or even a cheaper padlocked drop bollard) not be more appropriate, leaving more space for those on foot and bike?

A poor transition between two bits of shared footway, and attracting mud. Why is this not on a straight through alignment for cyclists?

A cycleway on the footway at the huge Park Square roundabout, partly obstructed by temporary signs for roadworks.

Cycleway on the footway at the huge Park Square roundabout.

A 'Cyclists Dismount' sign with no obvious reason why dismounting is advised. Maybe cyclists should join the carriageway here.

Fencing on railway bridge over River Rother, with Transpenine Trail in distance

Railway bridge over River Rother

Chapeltown Station

'Cycle lane' Chesterfield Rd. @SheffCouncil @ParkinginSheff @CycleSheffield

Bump up over the kerb to join this 10m long cycleway, dodge a sign and then bump down behind the give way line of a side road.

Cycle parking

Cycle parking

Traffic calmed area




Cycle parking

Public art

Pedestrian-friendly area

Pedestrian-friendly crossing

This route has been closed because of the construction across the street.

Sheffield station, with the dreaded Pacer trains

Walkway from Sheffield starion

Proper station square - not dominated by taxis like Cambridge's is

Walkway to station

Artwork in public realm

Public realm

Public realm

Cycle hire scheme in Sheffield

Cycle hire scheme in Sheffield

Poem on the building visible from path



Cycle parking

Strange Cycle Lane markings on NCN 6 in Sheffield.

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