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Pop-up road closure - Except Cycles plates needed on these signs.

Pop-up closure except to cycles in central Sheffield

Path too narrow, very difficult to keep distance. Cars and vans parked on the pavement all the time makes it impossible

Segregated cycle lane on the pavement as far as the ring road. Two way on the moor side as plenty of room and one way on other side.

Improve connection from cycle crossing to Alma Street as currently very poor shared path. Make crossing single phase all the way across for cycling.

A drop kerb is needed on Herries Rd South to allow cyclists to safely access the shared pedestrian/cycle footpath. Currently drop kerb is on the side road only, not safe for cyclists coming down the main road at this busy industrial estate ... [more]

Wider pavement - can be achieved by removing parking bays. As soon as people queue for shops / ATM / banks, it is necessary to walk in the road. People chatting on the pavement makes it worse (including around the entrance to the Exchange, ... [more]

Extend cycle path using mostly 3 metre wide existing path to fire station/Sainsbury's @ Bradway....cost next to nothing !

Connect Abbeydale Road to Archer Drive, then Sheaf Valley Cycleway

Existing cycleway, just needs the overgrown vegetation cutting back (Tesco land)

Sustrans suggestion. Filter here then open the barriers on Archer Drive and re-route cars through the retail park, leaving a traffic calmed Archer Road / Sheaf Valley Cycle route.

Short cycle link between Smithy Wood Road and Little London Road with signal crossings.

Separate out the cross road to filter. Woodhead Road west to Alderson Road north only. Then Alderson Road south (from Bramall Lane) to Woodhead Road NE only. Still leaves acess route via John St to London Road but makes rat run less conven ... [more]

Close dangerous, narrow crossing and provide more room for pedestrians.

Sheldon Street due to reopen soon. Do not allow this rat run to reappear. Traffic is working perfectly well via Boston St.

Widen crossing, similar to Broomspring Lane and Broomhall St upgrades. Needs much more room for cyclists and pedestrians and can be done easily without moving signals. Just needs fencing removing and new drop kerbs

Sort out messy junction. Very difficult to travel south of Bramall Lane then cross streams of traffic to pick up safe off road route.

Bus gate, making the cycle route here more friendly with less cars who can easily use Bramall Lane or Queens Road.

Exit only filter to Queens Road

Contra-flow cycle lane on Shoreham Street. Link to existing.

Zebra or signalled traffic crossing needed.

Widen narrow gap on designated cycle route to Suffolk Lane.

Zebra crossing for Sheaf Valley Cycleway

Filter traffic trying to cut corner off ring road.

Filter after Kwik Fit.

Exit only on to Ecclesall Road. Lots ran run this way and makes the Pomona Cycle route less attractive

Porter Brook Path - missing section of cycleway

Zebra crossing for the Porter Brook Path.

Cycle and Ped only closure. Improves N to S cycle route

Exit to Abbeydale Road only filter.

Sheaf Valley Cycle Route - Support new section of cycleway which the STEPS & next door developer are due to provide

Sheaf Valley Cycle Route - Under railway bridge it is Dark, no pavement and dangerous for cycles & peds. Easy, cheap planters to filter.

Prove cycle traffic lights to connect Heeley/Meersbrook to Sheaf Valley Cycleway

Sheaf Valley Cycle Route - Close Saxon Road and make cycle and expanded pavements only.

Sheaf Valley Cycle Route - One way Filter Saxon Road

Sheaf Valley Cycle Route - Filter Staveley Road and provide temp traffic lights across the A621

Sheaf Valley Cycle Route - Remove chicanes and replace with bollards

Rat running along Edmund Road to avoid traffic lights on Queens Road. One way filter here

This is a through route for heavy lorries often travelling downhill at speed. It is used by cyclists to and from the Peak District as well as a main walking route for 2 local primary schools. Baslow Road would benefit from heavy lorry rest ... [more]

Improve the surface of the path to widen the range of bikes which can use it.

A shared path would be helpful a reduce accidents as the road and space narrows due to tram stop, I know several people who have fallen here

The road is too narrow and it is often congested

Cut back overgrowth, widen pavement

People queuing for b&m blocking the pavement forcing people to walk in the road

This section of road desperately needs a segregated cycle way. As a very busy walking route, the space should be taken from motor traffic, and walkways widened in the same program of work. It's very intimidating to cycle this road. I exper ... [more]

This road is clogged with traffic and parked cars. It's the main route into Sheffield centre. A fully segregated cycle lane is needed from here, and into the city. The walkways on both sides are also too narrow. To make space, it will be ne ... [more]

Very dangerous right hand turning. Need a roundabout/traffic lights to ease turning or allow for right hand turn onto Brickhouse Lane for cyclists

A new section of cycle way painted on the pavement. Several problems. First it narrows the pedestrian area so that people can’t safely social distance. It passes a bus stop creating conflict between cyclists and pedestrians trying to dist ... [more]

Dreadful junction, difficult for pedestrians and cyclists to cross between woods - why is this road 40mph is beyond me. Unsafe for all except those in cars. Needs speed limit dropping and 2 - 3 zebra crossings across main routes across the ... [more]

Needs bus lane to be 24 hours rather than just rush hour - all of Ecclesall Road and Ecclesall Rd South

Needs cycle lane

Need cycle path fro Bradfield road through Holme Lane to Malin Bridge

Good route into town for bikes, avoiding hills, but frequented by HGVs and other motor traffic. A cycleway would make it much safer, along the whole length of Carlisle Rd

Upgrade to proper segregated cycle way on this section of the A61 as should have been done during construction.

A designated cycle route/or specific cycle facilities in the Ponderosa, to encourage cycle use and provide a traffic free cycle route up the hill from the Kelham area to the University/Hospital.

Social distancing is very hard along this pavement with all the shops starting to open again. People and joggers often have to duck into the bus lane, which is not safe. Allowing pedestrians into the bus lane and blocking it off from cars w ... [more]

Segregated cycleway would be beneficial due to speed differential between motor vehicles and people on bikes travelling up the hill.

There is a new cycle way along the pavement here after the construction of the student accommodation buildings, but the bus stop here makes it very hard to avoid people on the pavement. The cycle lane also ends abruptly and dumps cyclists b ... [more]

Pavements on Crookes high street need to be widened to allow people to avoid crowding and allow space for queuing. Could easily be done by removing a few car parking spaces.

Improve the cycleway here as it can be dangerous due to the bends

Shared pavement with cycles and pedestrians to encourage more cycling to/from Hillsborough

Create a cycleway off Langsett Road and onto Langsett Cr to enable cyclist to avpoid cycling next to the trams?

Create a cycleway off Langsett Road and onto Langsett Cr to enable cyclist to avpoid cycling next to the trams?

Shared pavement for cycles/pedestrians here

Shared pavement for bikes and cycles here

Why not make some of these side roads one way for cars, and block some residential streets in the middle to reduce traffic flow.

Cut back vegetation so cyclists and pedestrians can see traffic on toucan crossing

Buses wait for long periods forcing cyclists into outside lane and into path of cars coming off the roundabout. Make buses wait further down the road away from roundabout where there is more time to plan your move

No cycle lane on this stretch of road. Difficult for cyclists to change lane and turn right.

Improvement needed and a clear cycleway for cyclists coming from town along the first bit of Cemetery Road and wanting to turn right towards Waitrose Car Park and Ecclesall Road. At the moment you have to cut across the pavement (inconvenie ... [more]

The council needs to do regular cutting back of vegetation overgrowing onto the cycle ring route here. There's a blind corner anyway and the overgrowth makes collisions with occasional pedestrians more likely

A 6102 has a path between Morehall and Deepcar which could be widened. Traffic is heavy and on one side a steep bank

Improve pavement into dual purpose for pedestrians % cyclists between Deepcar & Oughtibridge

Three narrow lanes of traffic, on a hill, several sets of traffic lights. No room for cyclists.

Far too narrow; blind bend.

Segregated cycle lane at very busy junction. Difficult to filter safely heading in and out of town from Manchester Road to Glossop Road

Going up the hill, cars are overtaking with too little space considering the oncoming traffic and it's a left hand bend. Cycling up and down this road is akin to a death sentence.

This nice looking cyclepath leads to a dead end. I think it's been like this for ten years, will it ever be finished?

Ban park of the side of the road, allow to create 2 way cycle road.

A new tower block will shortly be opened here and with it potentially more cars parking on the road. THis road is a big commuter road too with people commuting into the city. Creating a cycle route will further solidify the cycling commuter ... [more]

Very busy commuter route, would benefit from havign a cycle lane as more people are now cycling in the area.

People are waiting on the fish and chips and post office, closing the road and widen the path will have more social distance here

There's a tiny sliver of advisory cycle lane on this road that's wide enough for a dedicated lane all the way up.

Cycle lane access from Crookes Road to Roslin Road

Cycle lane access from Crookes Road to Parker's Road

The entire A61 in and out should have proper cycleway infrastructure, as opposed to the current hotch potch. This would allow people to commute more effectively in and out of the city.

There needs to be a pavement here it’s a short stretch on a blind bend


Impossible to cycle down queens rd (out of town) during afternoon rush hour as traffic is solid so you end up sitting in a traffic jam on bike / having to take a detour

Need dedicated cycleway from here into the city along Ecclesall Road South - journey into city has a bus lane, but the journey back has no safety/space been bikes, cars and buses. Bus lanes usually full of cars... why not use Ecclesall as ... [more]

Narrow pavement outside Pharmacy , post office and local shops. No space for social distancing whilst queuing. Reduce carriage way from three to two lanes to widen pavement. Or suspend parking on opposite side of the road to retain width ... [more]

Narrow pavement outside local shops and cafes. Close the road to motor vehicles, increase width of pavements to allow queuing outside shops and outdoor seating areas for Cafés.

Narrow pavement outside local shops and cafes. Close the road to motor vehicles, increase width of pavements to allow queuing outside shops and outdoor seating areas for Cafés.

Make the current'informal' shared spaces on Portobello/Leaveygrave/Regent Street into fully pedestrian/bike only roads.

Pavement from Newlands Road to A6102 could be shared path to avoid dangerous traffic lights around Asda island.

Double parking makes cycling challenging

Ringinglow Road - to Burbage and beyond needs a cycle lane. It’s a very popular route for cyclists including families cycling out to the Peak District, bit v dangerous as lots of Traffic and speeding cars. There is ample space for a cycle ... [more]

There needs to be a cycle lane and pedestrian walkway on Ringinglow Road Sheffield. Cars travel along this road at speeds well in excess of the speed limit and there have been a number of fatalities…

Busy road, unsafe for cyclists

Extend cycle path using mostly 3 metre wide existing path to fire station/Sainsbury's @ Bradway....cost next to nothing !

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